Core Values

Having set Core Values allows you to take on life with Abundance.  These are the Core Values of Mr. Abundant and every Karma Genie that comes through our certification as well as the Core Values of each and every student that goes through our program.


Empowering Others

We know individuals are capable of the extraordinary.  We hold our clients as naturally resourceful, creative and whole.  They have all the answers within themselves as well as the ability to make it happen.  Our role is coaching the whole person so they take it on and work through the challenges.


Honesty and Integrity

We treat our clients, colleagues and partners with honesty and integrity.  We do what we say we will do and in most cases exceed our clients expectations.



We love people and supporting them to be their best is a way to bring our values into our coaching and leadership development. We help bring a different perspective which can enrich our clients thinking. We embrace and celebrate our clients opening up and seeing life's struggle in a different way.



We are well prepared, well informed about the latest research in our field, and focused on results – ours and our clients'. Our approach is based on evidence. We invest in continuous growth and development and life-long learning.


Fun and Adventure

Life is short – we inject fun and laughter in all we do. We take on new challenges and bring fun and adventure to coaching.



We believe in the spirit of giving and an abundance mentality. We act with generosity in the way we see others, interact with them, and spend our time. We generously share information, resources and our gifts for the benefit of others and give back to our community.

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